Quick facts

  • Capital-Nairobi
  • Currency-Kenya Shillings
  • Top Languages-Swahili, English

Kenya is Africa's most popular safari destination and it's capital Nairobi is East Africa's economic hub. Kenya has a decent tourist infrastructure and lots of resorts along its coastline. It's a testament to the country's many natural attractions that tourists continue to visit despite being under the official Travel Warning list in several countries including the US.

Location: Kenya is located in East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania.
Area: 582,650 sq km, (slightly more than twice the size of Nevada or similar in size to France).
Capital City: Nairobi
Population: Around 32 million people live in Kenya Language: English (official), Kiswahili (official), as well as numerous indigenous languages.
Religion: Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, indigenous beliefs 10%, Muslim 10%, other 2%. A large majority of Kenyans are Christian, but estimates for the percentage of the population that adheres to Islam or indigenous beliefs vary widely.

Climate: It's generally sunny, dry and not too hot for most of the year in Kenya despite being situated on the equator. The main rainy seasons are from March to May and November to December but the amount of rainfall varies year to year.

When to Go: January - March, and July - October for safaris and beaches, February and August to climb Mount Kenya. More about "Best time to visit Kenya.

Kenya's Main Attractions:

Masai Mara Game Reserve: The Masai Mara Reserve is the most popular wildlife park in Kenya. From July - October you can witness the incredible migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra. The Masai tribesman also offers cultural tours which really add to the experience.
Mount Kenya: Mount Kenya is Africa's second highest peak and like Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, you don't need special training to reach Point Lenana, one of its highest peaks. The area is home to rare species of animals as well as spectacular lakes, mineral springs, and forests. Interestingly, Kenya's modern name is inspired by this mountain.

Lamu: Lamu is one of Kenya's oldest towns, settled by the Swahili about 700 years ago. More recently discovered by backpackers, Lamu is a great place to unwind and wash off the dirt and grime accumulated from some hard traveling. No matatus or mini-buses here, just donkeys and the sound of the ocean waves.

Travel to Kenya

Kenya's International Airport: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Airport code NBO) lies 10 miles (16 km) South East of the capital city, Nairobi. Mombasa's Moi International Airport accommodates flights from Europe as well as charters.

Getting to Kenya: Many international airlines fly into both Nairobi and Mombasa direct from Europe and the Middle East. Long-distance buses ply routes between Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, more about Getting to Kenya.

Kenya Embassies/Visas: Most nationalities entering Kenya need a tourist visa but they can usually be obtained at the airports, check with the Kenyan Embassy before you go.